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Welcome to The Fairy Dogmother - Dog Day Care Service for Newton Abbot

Please Note:
I do not offer home boarding and due to a reduction in working hours from the 1st April 2022 we will not be taking any more dogs for day care.
Thank you

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I’m Melanie and thank you for visiting my website. My mission is to give your dogs the best care possible and for you to go to work, or out for the day, safe in the knowledge that your dog is being well cared for.

I offer a day care service that most dogs would dream about – hours of play with fun, friendly and social dogs. I have a large garden and a safe, and secure, 4 acre field for the dogs to roam about in, with lots of opportunity to dig holes, roll in smelly stuff, take a dip in a large pond or just run as fast as they want for as long as they want. Then home to curl up on a sofa or comfy dog bed – no cages or kennels here and enjoy some home made dog treats. Doggy Heaven!
Big or small, young or old, all dogs are welcome to come for the day as long as they are well mannered and well socialised. I don’t mind if they are a little bit naughty and full of fun but NOT aggressive, destructive or prone to anti social behaviour.

I am Licensed by Teignbridge District Council, fully insured and my mission is to give your dogs the best care possible and for you to go to work, or out for the day, safe in the knowledge that your dog is being well cared for.
I cannot recommend Mel highly enough - she will look after your dog as if it were her own. My dog Jamie adores her, and she is a good judge of character! Thanks Mel - the nervous, shy dog I rescued has blossomed in to a confident and happy girl with the help of you and your dogs. And her love of Jack knows no bounds....... x
Catherine Clayden

Just a little about me

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I grew up with dogs and have owned them for most of my adult life. There was the little problem of being married to a cat person but I soon managed to overcome that problem and my long suffering husband has now come to terms with the fact that dogs rule! I also have two grown-up daughters who despair of me but thankfully love dogs as much as I do.
I own two dogs of my own. Bits, an American immigrant that I fell in love with whilst visiting family in the USA. I have no idea what she is but she looks a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix and thinks she is the size of a Great Dane!
And then there is Jack. A Malamute/Shepherd cross that came to me when he was a year old and is the love of my life (after my husband of course). Everybody loves him and wants to be his best friend and his boyish charm and impeccable manner puts even the smallest and shyest dogs at ease.
I founded a dog walking business back in 2000 and since then have had the pleasure of looking after hundreds of dogs and meeting some very lovely owners. I no longer offer hourly walks but a full day of care, allowing dogs to make new friends, go to exciting new places and practise their social skills in a home environment. All of the dogs that I care for are treated as if they are my own which is exactly how it should be.
Every day I learn or see something new and I am still endlessly fascinated at why dogs do what they do and what I can do to make their lives better. I have studied Canine Behaviour and Psychology for many years and hold Diplomas (with Distinctions) in these subjects. I like to extend my knowledge by attending seminars and courses on all aspects of canine care including: Canine Nutrition, Vaccination, Neutering, Handling Aggression, Canine Osteopathy, Hypothyroidism and so on. I also have a Canine First Aid Certificate for your further peace of mind.

About my service

After an initial phone conversation I would like to meet you and your dog. An afternoon visit for a cup of tea and time to see if your dog is happy in my home environment and with the other dogs here and for you to meet me and decide whether this is the type of care you would like. Then I will take your dog for a trial day - to see if your dog enjoys the exercise and socialisation of being here – after that we can make an informed decision to see if this environment will benefit your dog.
I never take on dogs without completing this process. It keeps all of the dogs safe and happy in the knowledge that only friendly dogs will be here.

Dog Drop Off times are 7.45 to 8.45am Monday to Friday
Pick Up times are 4.30 to 6.00pm Monday to Friday
I am closed on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

After being dropped off the dogs have a while to catch up with their friends and settle in. We then drive to the field for two hours of running, sniffing or playing I have tunnels, climbing frames, agility equipment and a large pond to keep them occupied). Anyone that wants to take it easy can settle down in one of the beds that are in my shed or poly tunnel. Home at lunchtime for a power nap and a little lunch (if required) and then back out for another hour or two, dependant on the weather. Returning home for a play in the garden and then its collection time.
Your dog can have as little or as much exercise as it wants but I do exercise dogs off the lead and MUST have a reliable recall.

In order to comply with my License conditions and DEFRA guidelines I have to ensure that all dogs have up-to-date vaccinations. Core vaccinations are now effective for 3 years and annual vaccination is only required for Leptospirosis, I do not require a Kennel Cough vaccination and should you choose to have this I cannot have your dog in the group for 10 days after it is administered.

I cannot take any adult dogs that have not been spayed or neutered. This is one of the conditions of my License.
Because this is residential day care, I cannot accept dogs that bark incessantly, in the home or in my vehicle. I also cannot accept dogs that like to chew or have destructive habits, it is my home and not a kennel environment.

All day care is invoiced at the end of every month and can be paid by Bank transfer or by cheque. Payment will be required within 7 days of the bill being issued or I reserve the right to refuse further care until payment is made. I require 24 hours notice if your dog cannot come for their day and will require payment unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If your dog is unwell – vomiting, diarrhoea, or you are concerned about their health, please DO NOT bring them in to day care. If your dog has been prescribed medication or has had to visit the vets, for a health concern, please let me know. I do everything possible to prevent the spread of any infection and have to be mindful of all of the dogs in my care.
I have known Melanie for 12 years now and she has always looked after my dogs in my absence. I trust her implicitly, my dogs love her and she has been with me through the good and bad times with my dogs. She can never retire!
Ros Johnson

Hire our field

Looking for the perfect place to walk your dogs safely and away from it all ?
Have a look at our Hire the Field Page.

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Where are we?
Licensed Daycare
18 Priory Avenue, Kingskerswell, TQ12 5AQ

Field Hire

The Fairydogmother Field, Daccombe Hill, Torquay.

Can be seen on Google Maps
What Three Words - drifting.stepping.beak

07790 363664