All users must agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to use.


Entrance to the field is through the Main gate. Drive down and park in the enclosed parking area.
​Please make sure you keep your dog(s) on the lead at all time until they are in the field and the gate is closed.
It is recommended that you padlock the Main Gate whilst you are
using the Field.

If you arrive late for your session you must still leave at the end of your allotted time. Please contact me if you do arrive late, and I will let you know if there is another client after you. If I can extend your appointment I will.
​Anyone who overstays more than three times will be banned from the field.
​The Client shall ensure that the premises are secure at all times and shall not divulge any lock combination codes under any circumstances to any third party.

​The codes are subject to change at any time by The FairyDogmother without notice.
​Please note that the gate MUST be locked behind you when you leave the premises.
Please make sure your dogs are on the lead before they exit the field.
​Please note that we do not allow the use of choke or prong collars, spray collars, electronic training devices at any time.
​The client has exclusive use of the field, however, there is a maximum limit of 4 adults (2 under 16's) and 8 dogs allowed to use the field at any one time (unless agreed with the The Fairy Dogmother in advance).
​All dog poo MUST be picked up using the poo bags provided or your own and then either taken home with you or placed in the black dog poo bin with the lid secured.

I appreciate there may be the odd accidentally missed poo, but regular occurrences could result in the Client being banned from any future use of the field.
​This is very important as some of the dogs that use this field eat other dogs faeces.
​There is fresh water in the water butt and more bowls are available, you will also find a watering can next to the Butt to wash away any loose or runny poo.

No dog grooming in the field
You must not climb on any gates, fences or posts at any time.
​Please do not allow your dog to dig anywhere in the Fairy Dogmother Field.
​If your dog does dig and causes damage, please message me
​If your dog causes significant damage, please let me know so that I can fix it.
This is of the utmost importance as hole in the field can cause injury to other dogs or people.
The Client is expected to keep the field clean and tidy - dispose of all dog waste in the bins provided and anything that could be harmful to another dog should be taken off-site. (eg: broken or chewed dog toys, litter, uneaten treats, chewing gum & cigarette butts)

​Any children under the care and/or control of the Client are to be supervised at all times. They must not climb on the fencing or posts and I cannot be held liable for any injuries that they may incur.
​The Client should be aware that the ground is uneven in places and caution must be taken. The Client is using the field at their own risk.
The Client is advised to wear sensible and appropriate footwear to suit the grounds and conditions.
​The boundary and security of the field is regularly checked. However, the Client is advised to check that they are satisfied with the height, safety and condition of the fencing prior to using the field and to inform The Fairy Dogmother on 07790363664 of any discrepancies.
​The Client must at all times take good care of the The Fairy Dogmother Field site and will be responsible for any damage to any part of it or any equipment,whether forming part of the hire or not.
​The Client shall ensure that no noise nuisance shall be caused to occupiers of properties near to The Fairy Dogmother Field.
​At no time should a dog(s) be tethered to any structures on site i.e. fencing, posts, gates etc.
​Dogs should not be left unattended in the field at any time.


Clients are required to pay for the booking in advance using the online system.
Payments can be made on the website via PayPal (using your card details).


Clients can re-schedule their appointment via the online booking system with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If an appointment needs to be re-scheduled at short notice, then please contact The Fairy Dogmother who will be able to do this for you.
​Clients who do not turn up for their appointment or leave the field early will still be liable for the whole of the hire charge.
​The Fairy Dogmother reserves the right to refuse any application for the hiring of the field without being required to give any reason for such refusal.
​The Fairy Dogmother reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the field.
​The Fairy Dogmother shall be allowed access at any time onto the land to carry out inspections and any decisions made by them regarding safety and fitness of use, will be binding.
​The Fairy Dogmother reserves the right to refuse admission to or evict any person from the premises.

The Fairy Dogmother has valid public liability insurance for the field.
​If your dog(s), or any dogs it lives with, is showing any signs of ill health (diarrhoea, vomiting, kennel cough, general lethargy etc) you must not attend the field and you must re-schedule the appointment.
​If this is at short notice, then please contact The Fairy Dogmother who will be able to do this for you.
​Only dogs known to each other are permitted to use the field, The Fairy Dogmother does not allow dogs that are ‘strangers’ to each other to use the field at the same time unless organised with prior consent.
​The Fairy Dogmother shall not be held liable for any dog fights or injuries that occur within the field.
​In keeping with the law regarding 'responsible dog ownership', you are entirely responsible for yours and your dog(s)' safety whilst at the Field
The law states that we should be in control of our dogs at all times.
The Fairy Dogmother is not responsible and will not accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever and by whomsoever caused, whether to property or person(s) sustained by any person in the Fairy Dogmother field.
​The Client is responsible for and must accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever and by whomsoever caused, whether to property or person(s) sustained by any person(s) in the Fairy Dogmother field.

The Fairy Dogmother Field requires some of your personal data to allow you to book with us. This data is first name, last name, mobile number and Email Address. This data is required to be able to contact you with lock codes and booking confirmations so you can use the facility. Your data is stored with our online booking system provider behind a secure username and password. We will not share your data or use your data for purposes other than for managing your booking with us. Booking and using The Fairy Dogmother Field is deemed as you agreeing to us using your personal data provided to manage your bookings through our online booking system provider.