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Your own space with your dog

The Fairydogmother's Field

My gorgeous 2 acre field is available to rent and is perfect for

• Dogs that cannot be let off lead and need a place to run safely
• Dogs that are nervous of other dogs or people
• Dogs that have recall issues
• Multiple dogs that need exercise at the same time
• Rescue dogs that need to adjust to being in an outside space

You get exclusive use of the field without any worry.

The field is enclosed and secure. The fences are 5 foot, high tensile wire that even the smallest dog cannot squeeze through and is checked daily. ( However, if your dog can jump over that height and is a determined escape artist then this may not be the right field for you). The field is set on the side of a hill and will provide you, and your dogs, with a great work out whilst enjoying stunning views. There are benches for you to sit and admire the valley below and Dartmoor in the distance. Whilst the field is mostly open there are wooded areas and overgrown areas for your dogs to rummage around in and there are often foxes and deer passing through so there are lots of lovely things to sniff. The ground is uneven and a bit bumpy so you will require sensible footwear and, of course, wellies in the winter months.

You can drive down in to the field and enter an enclosed parking area, allowing you to be extra secure when letting your dog out.

Drinking water, poo bags and a poo bin are provided for you. There is no facility to wash your dog at the present time but this will be added in the future. A large dog play area will also be created over the coming months.

The field is available to rent 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm but as I use this field for my day care dogs there are several hours during the day that it is not available.

N.B If your dog is a professional escape artist or can easily jump higher than 5 feet then this may not be a suitable field for you,


The sessions are 50 minutes long – to allow a 10 minute buffer between clients so that dogs do not meet. The slots are booked out as an hour.

The costs are

1 - 3 Dogs £10 per hour slot
4 - 5 Dogs £12.00 per hour slot
6 - 8 Dogs £14.00 per hour slot

Please make sure you have vacated the field by the end of the hour, this allows everyone to have their full hour booking.

2 Cars maximum so you can share a session with a friend if you wish.
If you wish to book a session with more than 8 dogs please message me.

Our Reviews

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    Absolutely great and very safe place to exercise your dogs, with stunning views across the moors. Water, poo bags and bin are provided. Play area for the dogs and good exercise for us humans.
    Debbie Poole
  • account_circle
    Beautiful place to walk your dog, nice and secure and the dogs always have a blast!!
    Sophie Poel
  • account_circle
    What a great place! Beautiful views, a mix of open space and a wooded area with plenty of scents. My boy had a great time looking around. Also an area for enrichment with tyres and a tunnel. Poo bags, bin and water available and also walking sticks as parts are fairly steep. The owner is so lovely and we will be booking regularly. Thank you
    Rachel Tame
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    Most beautiful location. Perfect for my two Rotties who love to explore and find all the exciting smells.
    Hazel Longuet
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