I aim to offer the best standard of care for your dog based on the full and detailed information that you have given me.
I want to ensure that your dog will be happy, comfortable and safe during his/her stay with me in an environment that closely resembles his/her own home

Whilst I take every care for your dog while he/she is in boarding, I can only accept the dog at your risk. I cannot accept responsibility for loss, injury, illness or death. Owners will be liable for all veterinary fees and these must be settled in full upon collection of your dog.

Public and Third Party Liability: Dogs accepted are covered for the period of boarding. You are advised to have your own health insurance.

I take a maximum of six dogs at a time. I regret that I cannot take dogs that are aggressive, not housetrained, incontinent, chew furniture, are generally out of control, in season or pregnant bitches, or entire males over the age of ten months.
Pre Boarding visit: I meet dogs before they will be boarded to make sure they will be happy with me and my dogs and vice versa. I reserve the right to refuse to take any dog that appears to contravene the above terms, as well as any dog that is showing signs of ill health should I feel that their staying with me would be inappropriate.
For additional security, while your dog is with us he/she will wear my Identity collar. Unless otherwise stated I understand that you give your permission for your dog to be exercised off lead.
I reserve the right to place your dog in isolation if illness necessitates. If he/she demonstrates aggressive tendencies to people or other dogs and requires the services of a kennel, expenses for these kennels will be the responsibility of the owner. I will not be liable for any costs incurred in the event of such circumstances.

I do understand that delays sometimes happen and I will endeavour to be flexible regarding drop off and collection times. If for any reason your return is delayed and your booking needs to be extended you must notify me without delay. Any dog not collected on the due date may continue to stay with me but charges will apply.
Owners who decide to collect their dog(s) earlier than the agreed date and time will still have to pay for still have to pay for the whole of the original booking period.
If no communication from the owner is received and efforts to contact the owner or their nominated emergency contact fail, the dog will become my property within 7 days of the end of the original booking period and I reserve the right to re-home as appropriate.
Payment must be made in full at the time of collection.

Please ensure that I have up to date contact details for you while you are away, or in an emergency, the name and telephone details of your nominated emergency contact.
Medication will be given as per your instructions, but should the dog/s condition change and it becomes necessary, I will administer reviewed medication as prescribed by my vet.
Veterinary Care:
Should your dog/s become ill/injured I will make every effort to contact you or your nominated emergency contact.
If all attempts to contact you fail, I will continue to provide the best care possible. Your dog’s best interests are paramount and I will take your dog to my vet (The Animal Health Centre, Torquay) for treatment. It is likely that my vet will consult your vet re: the dog’s history of health and well being.
In conjunction with my vets I will make decisions based upon the welfare of the dog(s). As a last resort, based on the judgement of my vet, I reserve the right to put the dog(s) to sleep to avoid suffering.